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Meet the Dentists at West Lakes Family Dentistry

If you’re looking for a family dentist in the area, you’ve come to the right place. Dentist West Lakes Family Dentistry comprises a team of four dentists, Dr Smars, Dr Kale Langley, Dr Tracy, and Dr Amy. Here, we’ll discuss who they are, what they do, and what they can offer their patients. Once you’ve met them, you’ll know whether they are right for you!

Dr Smars

dentist West LakesBorn and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dr Smart graduated from Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry. She married an anesthesiologist in 2015. She and her family live in Owasso, Oklahoma, and they enjoy spending time with their 1.5-year-old Aussiedoodle puppy, Oliver. The Smarties love to go on vacation and enjoy visiting places like Breckenridge, Colorado, Santa Rosa Beach, and the Riveria Maya in Mexico.

Dr Kale Langley

Located in Minneapolis, MN, Dr Kale Langley is an experienced dentist skilled in various dental treatments. He treats patients with problems ranging from Bad breaths to Bleeding Gums. In addition, his office is affiliated with West Lake Dental Center PA and offers telehealth services. Please complete the form below to schedule an appointment with Dr Kale Langley.

After graduating from Creighton University School of Dentistry, Dr Kale Langley continued his education at UCLA. During his advanced education in general dentistry residency, he focused on full mouth rehabilitation and complex dental needs. He is also a member of the American Dental Association, a member of the local Spear Study Club, and a Creighton Alumni of the Twin Cities Board of Directors.

Dr Tracy

After graduating from college, Dr Tracy attended Buffalo State University and pursued a residency in psychiatry. She was rejected for admission at the University of Buffalo Medical School because she was a woman, so she applied to Buffalo while working as a hematology technician. In the meantime, she won the women’s championship at Lake Worth Golf Course when she was 85 years old. Despite the rejection, she fought hard to earn her M.D. She then practised in the field of pediatrics and child psychiatry.

Dr Amy

A native of Iowa, Dr Amy Westlakes has practised dentistry for over 35 years. She lives in Adel with her husband, Dale, and three children. Outside of dentistry, she enjoys spending time with her family, going on family vacations to the Gulf, and attending her children’s sports events. Her passion is spending time with her family and playing softball and basketball.

The dental offices in West Lakes are clean and comfortable. Many are female. Hygienists are gentle, and the doctors are modern. If you don’t have dental insurance, it may be best to choose an out-of-network dentist for a slightly higher fee. Choosing a dentist solely on price can leave you with an unpleasant bill and a less than a beautiful smile.

Dr Parma

Dr Parma graduated from Carleton College in 2021 and is a member of the American Dental Association, Ohio Dental Association, and Greater Cleveland Society. He is committed to continuing his education to stay current on the latest dental technologies and techniques. In addition, he enjoys hiking, playing beach volleyball, and reading. Dr Parma enjoys social media and helping the office with its TikTok account outside of dentistry.

Kat is part of the Dentist West Lakes administrative team. In addition, she serves as an insurance coordinator and patient scheduler. Kat was born in South Minneapolis and has been in the dental field for over five years. She attended dental assisting school and has experience working in clinical dentistry. Outside of work, Kat enjoys travelling, doing freelance makeup, and spending time with her family. She is also fluent in Spanish. The West Lakes Dental office is conveniently located near the University of Minnesota.

Family Dentist in West Lakes

Our office has two experienced staff members. Anjanette joined the West Lakes team in 2002. She earned her Dental Hygiene degree from DMACC. She is married to Chris, a construction business owner, and they have four children, plus a llama, two 4-H calves, and a crate full of chickens. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her family, 4-wheeling, and with her husband.

As a family dentist, your practice must cater to the needs of your entire family. That means finding a dentist who understands your family’s particular needs and those of your children. As a result, you can build a stronger bond with your dentist and receive excellent dental care. A family dentist in West Lakes is an ethical, experienced, and trustworthy professional who won’t oversell unnecessary treatments or services. They should be able to handle both routine checkups and emergency treatments.

Most dentist West Lakes is covered by private health insurance. But if you’re on a limited budget, it might be worth consulting your health insurer to determine if your policy will cover your dental treatment. Generally speaking, dental services are covered under the extras component of private health insurance policies, but the level of cover will depend on the individual policy. A dentist in West Lakes can be helpful if you’re unsure whether your insurance policy covers dental work.