Home Inspection Services

To comply with the amended City of Adelaide, the City has expanded its building inspection services to include commercial and residential construction projects that follow the current Order and the same Construction Project Safety Protocols as contained in the current Order. In addition, the new regulation allows building inspection to be done on-site by a licensed professional who participates in the building’s owner’s voluntary agreement or an inspection team from the Adelaide Department of Building Inspection. It expands upon the previous inspections, which only included the exterior of the structure. Adelaide has also complied with all California state codes since the Code Revision History of the Disorder Act 1963 was released.


The Adelaide Department of Building Inspection offers non-binding recommendations for regulating Adelaide buildings and other businesses. Professional building inspection services independent of the Adelaide Department of Building Inspection offer non-binding opinions that conform to the Adelaide Building Inspection Code and the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) National Fire Protection Code. Such experts can also provide additional information for non-binding recommendations for regulations compliance based upon Adelaide City Planning Code, the Adelaide Planning and Building Contract Code, and the California State Building Code. Certified Adelaide inspectors can also provide comprehensive commercial and industrial sanitary inspection and clearance reports for all structures under their purview. These reports also conform to the requirements of the Adelaide Franchise Tax Board as well.


Many Adelaide residents choose to have both building inspections and home security systems performed by different companies. Many building inspections will cover the home’s interior, while home security systems will cover the exterior. An independent home inspector will often perform both types of inspections, although it is not uncommon for them to prefer to work on just one issue. In addition, many home inspectors will offer their clients a reasonable price break for building inspections and home security systems. For this reason, many people in Adelaide who desire both types of services will often find an Adelaide inspector and have them take both examinations.


Adelaide home inspectors are very skilled professionals trained to detect defects in home building materials, appliances, electrical systems, and other common items found in homes throughout the Adelaide Bay Area. Because most fire inspectors will perform additional training in life safety inspections, it is not uncommon for fire inspectors to perform a comprehensive life safety inspection and a building inspection on the home’s structure. Home inspectors are also well trained to inspect and document deficiencies in the various components (e.g. furnace, air conditioning system, plumbing system, etc. ).