Anxiety Blanket Helps Relieve Stress

An anxiety blanket is a unique, lightweight blanket designed to soothe symptoms associated with chronic anxiety and panic attacks. Anxiety blankets are often called gravity blankets or comfort blankets and have been used for years in hospitals and other therapy settings. In recent years, anxiety blankets have also become more mainstream as many people have realised the many advantages of using such a blanket at home. The fact is, an anxiety blanket can be precious in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. These blankets’ therapeutic properties have the potential to provide profound improvements in symptoms for many people.


One of the most dramatic effects of weighted anxiety blankets is during periods of acute stress or panic. During periods of high stress and anxiety, it can be challenging to sleep. This can lead to some adverse effects, such as feelings of fatigue, poor concentration, lack of relaxation and concentration, irritability, and depression. Using these blankets to calm your body and mind allows you to safely induce sleep within moments and enjoy a restful, easy, refreshing sleep.

In addition to providing symptom relief, these calming blankets can also reduce the adverse effects of stress and anxiety. They raise your body’s blood pressure and prevent the heart from increasing its rate while decreasing the respiration rate. They also stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and increase your body’s natural ability to relax and fight stress. Together, these two actions help balance out your hormones and regulate your body’s functions so you can sleep better, stay healthy, and reduce the effects of stress.

Research has shown that sufferers of anxiety disorders are often highly stressed throughout their day. However, the degree of stress and anxiety varies widely between individuals. Some people are highly stressed by day to day life; others may barely ever feel stress at all. Those who struggle to manage chronic anxiety are often highly overstressed for periods, leading to physical health issues, such as high blood pressure and depression. Using a weighted blanket regularly can help those who suffer from chronic anxiety and other symptoms of stress and depression.

If you are suffering from anxiety, you may experience a wide range of symptoms. For example, you may have trouble concentrating or focusing, have difficulty sleeping or falling asleep, feel exhausted and unable to function correctly, and constantly feel on the edge of anxiety. In addition to constantly feeling on edge, those who are severely stressed may develop physical symptoms, such as headaches, stomachaches, nausea, dizziness, muscle pain or tension, and chest pain.

For some people, the symptoms of anxiety may even extend to the point where they become ill. However, by reducing the overwhelming, nagging presence of anxiety, you may be able to improve your overall health and well-being. The act of relaxing in a thick, comfortable blanket is one way that anxiety sufferers can begin to get some relief from the stress and strain that their lifestyle puts them under.

Anxiety blanket also provide a sense of comfort to those who use them. We know that feeling completely relaxed and comfortable is essential to our mental and physical health. When you have an anxiety blanket on, you will have a source of comfort and warmth to help us feel relaxed and relieved when the anxiety or stress is getting to us. Anxiety blankets also help us feel less self-conscious and alone because they make us feel comfortable and secure. This helps us realise that we do not have to sit and take it on all the time; we can just put it on and immediately feel better and more relaxed.