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Helping Clients to Emotionally Connect with their Customers

Symanto – keeping data human

We help our clients to connect emotionally with their customers by providing a deep understanding of customers motivation, feelings & needs + a clear brief on how to resonate & communicate in an empathetic manner through Psychology & AI technology. Our clients become able to build ever more successful relationships with their customers and improve their ROI by automating the profiling of people irrespective of language & culture and mobile data. Our clients apply these insights to transform their brand & market insight, optimize communications & improve customer satisfaction. We help then to learn, plan, execute & monitor more effectively & efficiently.

Who we are?

Symanto is a leading company in utilizing Psychology and Artificial Intelligence to provide a deep understanding of human motivation, attitudes, and emotions behind the behavior. Since 2010, we pursuit to provide the deepest possible customer understanding. We have successfully delivered our solutions over 50 projects in 17 languages for global brands such as Adidas, VW & Unilever.Our technology gathers, analyses & provides insights from user generated text in flexible formats. Symanto Intelligence platform shows you all the important information at a glance with personalized dashboards, enabling you to make informed decisions at any time. Knowing that digital data from individuals and businesses is growing exponentially, Symanto is leading the pack by applying AI to identify trends, extending the reach of social monitoring.

What we do?

We gather & connect very high volumes of unstructured user text from multiple external & internal sources such as social media, reviews, blogs, customer surveys & other feedback. Using a unique algorithm with the principles of Psychology, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence, we can humanize data by finding personality traits and the accurate meaning of the text.  We do this in real time so that our clients get initial insight quickly & can continuously track & monitor the impact of their marketing & CX programs. Our solutions and technology decode billions of data in real time to give you the bigger picture. We continue to merge different disciplines, cultures, exceptional expertise and skills.