Speaker Bio: Tara Beard-Knowland

Tara Beard-Knowland

Head of Social Intelligence Analytics

Ipsos Mori

With 20 years of experience in both the US and the UK, the last 12 of which have been with
Ipsos, Tara heads up our UK Social Intelligence Analytics practice. In this role, she leads our
offer and thinking about how we use unstructured data, including social media data, throughout
our business to answer clients’ questions. She has worked on a variety of different approaches
using social media data, mixing both human intelligence and artificial intelligence into the

During her time at Ipsos, Tara has been involved in a wide variety of research, across many methodologies, including both qual and quant research, as well as social intelligence and
analytics projects. Tara has experience in a wide range of sectors, including media, tech, telco,
FMCG, financial services, automotive, retail, and public sector.

Prior to Ipsos, Tara worked at Information Resources in the US, supporting clients in
understanding sales and sales strategy as well as marketing mix modelling and pricing work.
Tara started her career in strategic research and consultancy at a small firm in New York, where
she worked on everything from how to how to launch green tea to the US market to how to
better structure Trade Marketing teams and more.

Outside of work, Tara teaches and practices yoga, plays roller derby, volunteers and spends
time doing DIY in her house and garden in the countryside.