Speaker Bio: Luisa Milic

Luisa Milic



Luisa Milic, M.Sc. is respected industry analyst of Social Media Monitoring (SMM) technologies.

Founder and Director of Ideya Business & Marketing Consultancy (http://ideya.eu.com) in Cambridge UK, Luisa specialised in market research and analysis, business planning and strategic planning. Luisa brings over 25 years of professional international experience to any project, having been engaged by at KPMG LLP Market Research, USA for 11 years before founding Ideya 14 years ago.

In 2004, Luisa joined the vibrant entrepreneurial network in Cambridge, UK to bring her expertise to a broad range of clients across Europe and creating a bridge with US companies and expert networks. Luisa works on innovative business and market strategies with clients across industry sectors including manufacturing, retail and consumer goods, education, tourism, and information technology. Her work also includes projects and seminars on the employment of various methodologies for market research/analysis, facilitation of strategic planning workshops, mentoring start up executives and researchers, and research/advisory support to companies exploring IoT Data Analytics and Social Media Monitoring Technologies. Her most recent report on social media monitoring technologies has been published in November 2018 – http://ideya.eu.com/publications/social-media-monitoring-tools-and-services-report.html.