Speaker Bio: Dr Jillian Ney

Dr Jillian Ney

Digital Behavioural Scientist

The Social Intelligence Lab

Dr Jillian Ney is the co-founder and director of Social Intelligence World.

She is also the UK’s first Dr of Social Media and a Digital Behavioural Scientist.  Dr Jillian specialises in the analysis of social media data to find out how people make decisions – this insight is then used to optimise marketing campaigns, website conversion, and enhance customer experiences and new product development.

After analysing social data for over a decade, Dr Jillian decided to tackle the challenges in the social intelligence industry head-on by creating The Social Intelligence Lab.  The first content site and community 100% dedicated to social data analysis and social insights.  She has the ambition to create a global association for social data analysis, and turn the industry into a recognised discipline.

Dr Jillian is driven to unite the fragmented social intelligence industry for the benefit of the people and organisations working in it while safeguarding consumer privacy.