Agenda For Social Intelligence World 2018

08:30 Registration and Breakfast
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09:30 Welcome and Introduction
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Dr Jillian Ney and Dr Lawrence Ampofo
The Social Intelligence World co-founders open the inaugural SI World event and welcome you to a full day of discussions on the future of social intelligence in business and society.

09:50 “Do you hear what I hear?”
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Margie Strickland, Director of Analytics, Synthesio
We are no longer living in a world where social media listening is an isolated department function, used as a fishing expedition to find conversations directed at crisis monitoring or owned content understanding. The need has become greater, as the demands of the market mature and as the departments within large organisations change and consolidate. We need to hear more than ever before. The evolution of social listening to social intelligence - and the need to break down the walls of siloed insights - is here. Organisations desire to be more proactive with social data, demonstrating the power of quantitative metrics beyond the qualitative. And while the landscape is littered with pitfalls, it’s also filled with promise. Being able to use social comparably to traditional media will solidify the overall framework of media platforms within the customer journey and secure a seat at the table with the other digital marketing mediums harnessing the power of social at the C-Suite level and beyond. It is time to start fine tuning our ears to truly hear what social is telling us, in more ways than ever before.

10:20 Social's Missing Context and How to Find it
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Kelly McKnight, Head of Culture and Trends, Join the Dots
Social data can be tough to analyse, from its unstructured nature to it seeming like you need to know the answer before you start, to the missing context from the billions of posts.  There’s a need to carefully consider the context and limitations of each source, and how you go about filling in the context holes. This session will explore how the concept of ‘think data’ can be the saviour of social data analysis, to measure the difficult to measure, and how the pioneers in this field are approaching the work.

10:50 Refreshment Break
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11:15 track 1 - Business of Social Intelligence Getting Buy In When No One is Listening
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Derek Lumb, Global Social Media Lead, E.ON and Dr Jillian Ney, Digital Behavioural Scientist, The Social Intelligence Lab
Developing social intelligence capabilities is both timely and costly, and sometimes people don’t get why it’s needed.  Getting internal buy in can be difficult, in this session we explore how Derek Lumb, the Global Social Media Lead at E.ON eventually worked to getting internal buy in for social intelligence.

11:15 track 2 - Research and Insight Safeguarding Reputation in the Evolved Social Media Landscape
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Julien Goretti, Executive Director of Intelligence, Storyful
In this educational session led by Storyful’s Executive Director of Intelligence, we’ll cover all the essential things businesses and brands need to know around social intelligence for the evolved social media landscape. First, we’ll explore the anatomy of the ever-changing social media ecosystem, its varying levels of access and anonymity, and how information spreads and permeates networks. Second, we’ll discuss the inherent risks and opportunities associated with social media and how it impacts businesses and brands. Third, we’ll reveal evolved solutions to empower business leaders and marketing and communications professionals to inform strategies and protect your brand.

11:15 track 3 - Strategic Implementation Data Driven Content
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Rosie Dickens, Senior Insights Manager, 1000 Heads; Tamar Riley, Director of Marketing and Audience Development, Refinery29
A recent McKinsey report suggests that CMO’s who use data to inform creativity an double revenue growth compared to those who don’t.  However, there are still CMO’s who don’t believe that “you don’t create exciting things for people by figuring out things from data”. This session will explore how to creatively use social data in content marketing and campaign ideation.

11:15 track 4 - The Future of Social Intelligence Social Intelligence and Fake News
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Oliver Marsh, Social Data Journalist and Ben Westlake Tritton, Deputy Head, Rapid Response Unit at Prime Minister's Office and Cabinet Office; Zack Mirsberger, Associate Director Social Analytics and Insights, FleishmanHillard; Nik Harta, MD, Yolo Communications
In a world of fake news, fake reviews, bots and all-round bad behaviour online, can we really trust the insights generated from social data?  When the tools we use to analyse social data are automated and bots go undetected is social data reliable and are our findings valid? This session will discuss finding and destroying bots and fake information in our data sets. Social data is more than data from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. There’s reviews, forums and blogs but there’s also search data, and data from more unusual sources. In a bid to overcome sample bias and ensure that we’re not over reliant on API access, we need to understand these data sources, and how can we use them to better understand and target our customers.

12:00 track 1 - Business of Social Intelligence Building a Team from the Ground Up
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Fernanda Gurgel, Head of Social Media Intelligence, Diageo Europe and Abi Terry, Head of Client Services, Media Bounty
More and more brands are looking to take social intelligence capabilities in house – from research teams, to intelligence war rooms.  But, getting the right skills in place to build a social intelligence team can be hard, from a skills shortage in the marketplace to identifying the role a social intelligence team will play in the business. This session explores how other brands have built their social intelligence capabilities internally.

12:00 track 2 - Research and Insight Visual Social Listening: Is it Worth it?
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Ellie Osborne, Social Intelligence Research Director, Join the Dots and Preriit Souda, Data Science and Strategic Insights Director
We all know the adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and this is how social listening tools are leading the charge with visual social listening.  But, is visual social listening worth the effort?  Vendors would argue that if you’re collecting data, you want all the data available to you, and visual listening can bring you so much more.  But, we need to find a way to make that data useful and actionable.  This session explores if visual social listening is worth the hype and how you can make it actionable in your organisation.

12:00 track 3 - Strategic Implementation Enhancing the Customer Experience with Social Intelligence
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Spredfast; DuBose Cole, Director of Strategy, VaymerMedia and Hollie Lubbock, Interaction Design Lead, Fjord
The way a customer feels about a brand can be shared more widely and have greater impact on the overall performance of a business than ever before. A growing number of touchpoints exist for consumers to engage with brands, and today’s consumers expect to be helped. In many ways, great service gets rewarded, bad service goes viral. In this session, industry experts share innovative ways social intelligence has enhanced the customer experience, and ways brands around the world can enhance their offering.

12:00 track 4 - The Future of Social Intelligence Alternative Data
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Ash Underwood, Head of GWI LabsGlobal Web Index and Aoife McGuinness, Neuroscience Consultant, HeyHuman and Kevin Gibbons, CEO, Re:signal
Social data is more than data from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  There’s reviews, forums and blogs but there’s also search data, and data from more unusual sources.  In a bid to overcome sample bias and ensure that we’re not over reliant on API access, we need to understand these data sources, and how can we use them to better understand and target our customers.

12:45 track 1 - Business of Social Intelligence Connecting Social Intelligence to the Rest of the Organisation
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Fran Cassidy, CEO, The Cassidy Partnership and Patrick Charlton, CEO, Buzzradar and Nadia Morozova, Global Analytics and Insights Expert,
How do we connect social intelligence programmes and the insights they generate to the rest of the wider organisation?  Integrating social intelligence insights and processes can add incredible benefits to organisations, but this is rarely the case in a majority of enterprises. In this session, we explore the strategies, and techniques to connect social intelligence with the rest of the organisation.

12:45 track 2 - Research and Insight Going Beyond Sentiment Analysis to True Emotional Insight
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Khaleeq Aziz, CEO, Symanto and Jackie Cuyvers, CEO, Convosphere and Laila Seith Hassan, Head of Analytics, OgilvyOne Worldwide
Simple sentiment from positive, negative and neutral isn’t the best metric to provide meaningful insights in social data. Using behavioural science models and emerging technology we can better understand the emotional states of customers to better understand the barriers and drivers to adoption of brand choice. In this session, we explore how we can go beyond simple sentiment analysis to true emotional insight.

12:45 track 3 - Strategic Implementation One Not Everyone: Advertising Relevance
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Eb Adyeri, Strategic Partnerships, Kenshoo and Harriet Kingaby and Jake Dubbins, Co-Chair, The Conscious Advertising Network
More than 3 billion people are connected through social media channels around the world, communicating and sharing their preferences, motivations and desires. Social media data can help brands reach the right person at the right time in ever more sophisticated ways. This session explores how we can use social intelligence to ensure our advertising is not simply about reach, but how well a company can be relevant to its customer base.

12:45 track 4 - The Future of Social Intelligence The Future of Influencer Measurement
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Carlos Serra, Head of Corporate Development & Strategy, Audiense; Dr Rachel Lawes, Consumer Psychologist and Pioneer of Commercial Semiotics, Lawes Consulting and Philip Lynch, CEO and David Barrowcliff, Research Director, Newton Insight
Influencer marketing just isn’t going away but we need to get smarter about how we choose influencers to work with. Follower numbers mean nothing, followers and engagement rates can be bought, so how do we choose the right influencer to work with? What is influence? And, how can we identify those who look like they have influence but really have none? In this session, we look at how brands can use social data to confidently select the right influencers who really have influence.

13:15 Lunch
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14:15 Creating Actionable Social Intelligence Trackers
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Michalis Michael, CEO, DigitalMr
In this session, Michalis Michael from DigitalMR will discuss taking social insights from nice to know to need to know. You probably already know that lot of social listening reports failing to hit the mark, they sit unopened in email inboxes and provide reporting on facts rather than insight. Hear from Michalis on how he and his team create actionable social intelligence trackers.

14:30 How Social Intelligence Enables Better Business Decisions
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Jeff Perkins, Executive Director, Storyful and Luisa Milic, CEO, IDEYA and Tara Beard-Knowland, Head of Social Intelligence, Ipsos and Joe Rice, Data and Enterprise Solutions, Twitter
We’ve all heard it before, social data insights are nice to know not need to know and that there are easier research methods to get to the insight. But done right social intelligence can provide unique insights that can enable business decisions – you just need to know how to treat the data. In this panel session we discuss approaches to social intelligence to inform decision making.

15:00 Social Platform Intelligence
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Maria Morais, Global Industry Principle, SAP Customer Experience, Margie Strickland, Analytics Director, Synthesio, Michalis Michael, CEO, DigitalMR and Jackie Cuyvers, CEO, Convosphere
With privacy versus personalisation, GDPR, data scandals and the restricting of data points and APSs, and what do the recent vendor mergers and acquisitions mean for the future of social intelligence? In this panel session we talk about the events of 2018 and look towards the future of the social intelligence industry.

15:30 Closing Keynote: Social Intelligence--Where do we go from here?
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Joe Rice, Data and Enterprise Solutions, Twitter

15:55 Closing Remarks
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Dr Jillian Ney and Dr Lawrence Ampofo

16:00 Event Close and After Party
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Join us for a glass of wine or soft drink to celebrate the end of Social Intelligence World 2018.